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A mutually dependent Relationship: Diabetes & Obesity

              A mutually dependent Relationship: Diabetes & Obesity
Obesity and Diabetes are pandemics that are infiltrating into the world population at very alarming rates. Basically, as per the indication from the Centre of Disease Control, a big portion of the world population is living with obesity. For instance, statistical figures reveal that, approximately seven percent of the American population is having obesity, accounting for close to 59 million Americans something that has become on the biggest challenge to community vitality. Statistics for the last decade reveal that;

  • The rate of obesity has increased to 56 percent while diabetes has increased by 5 percent
  • The future generation is likely to be immensely affected by diabetes
Basically, the risk factors for both diabetes and obesity are linked to age, gender, history of the family and race. However, it is important to understand that the modern things we do now contribute immensely to the expansion if the two sicknesses. The example of life style issues includes little or no physical exercise and the like of food stuffs that have high fat contents.

These foods are known to cause obesity, but the question remains; do the same foods cause diabetes?
What is the connection between diabetes and obesity?
As it has always been the case, is more often than not, most of the patients who are diagnosed with diabetes as well have obesity. As a result of this observation, we can comfortably tell that there must be a link between obesity and diabetes. So as to prevent this disease in future times, it is critical that one should get informed about the major causative factors.

When you are fat, the body becomes very heavy. As a result, much of your weight will be exerted on the body in many ways. One of the ways can be the inability of the body to keep blood glucose level at optimal levels. As a matter of fact, a lot of body mass resists against insulin thus the body does not utilize insulin well. Basically, the form in which absorbed glucose is reserved is fat. The more glucose is converted into fat results in addition of body mass, thus obesity. It is important that, when on insulin intake, one should avoid taking a lot of foods to prevent diabetes,http://www.joslin.org/info/why_did_i_gain_weight_when_i_started_taking_insulin.html.
Preventing obesity will prevent diabetes too
By virtue of the causes diabetes and obesity, it is apparent that observing some basic lifestyle issues will help reduce or treat the two diseases. These are very steps whose impacts are far reaching. You need to do some physical exercise very day as this will help extra fats in the body, eat a balanced diet; that is to mean that the diets should have too much of fats and in some cases, use vitamin supplements tailored to diabetic patients.

In some cases, the patient could be obese. As such , it is highly recommended that one looses a bit of their weight which will in turn lower the risks of diabetes. Weight loss can be difficult but the following components of diet can quicken up the process; low levels of carbohydrates, high fiber content coupled with a workout plan.




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  2. Research shows that there is indeed a relationship that is mutually dependent between obesity and diabetes. The fact that most of the patients diagnosed with diabetes tend to also have obesity shows that they are linked. Apparently, obesity and diabetes are both caused by a poor lifestyle thus confirming their mutual dependence. Obesity is a major risk factor for obese people as they can eventually be diagnosed with diabetes. In this regard, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent or treat obesity thus inadvertently helps in avoiding diabetes. For instance, when a person loses some weight it greatly reduces their risks of getting diabetes. Diabetes and obesity result from a sedentary lifestyle, and eating foods with too much fat. As such, embracing a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly ensures that one remains free from diabetes and obesity. Clearly, there is a close link between obesity and diabetes given that their causes and even the methods to treat and avoid them is similar.